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Shelf Stacker is the Spitting Image of Ed Sheeran

An Asda shelf stacker claims he gets mobbed by legions of fans whenever he goes out because of his resemblance to a very famous British singer.

Wesley Byrne is the spitting image of Ed Sheeran and says he is regularly stopped in the street when out and about with 28-year-old girlfriend Leah Howard-Smit- much to her frustration.

He claims he is even stopped at work by people who beg for selfies and autographs convinced he's the famous ginger singer-songwriter.

The 25-year-old Ed doppelganger can't even party in peace and once had to show his passport to a boozed-up reveller who, convinced he was the Grammy-nominated star, demanded he starts singing.

Wesley from Shaw, Greater Manchester, said: "I've developed a bit of a sense of when it's going to happen – it happens all the time when I'm out and about."

Human-cyclist rocket launching madman hits the spot. This is how its done!

So the most awesome revenge was metered out in Italy when these guys on a motorbike cut this guy off on a Bicycle. It obviously happens quite often because the guy on the bike had a crazy way of dealing with these guys.

He basically starts yelling at them….(Swear words in Italian) and then from nowhere starts plucking out these firework rockets  and places them in a little HOLDER he has on the front of his bicycle. He proceeds to LIGHT these things and shoot them at the road hogs, I mean, he follows them and takes them down. You see the Motorbike eventually lying on the road the guys have bolted leaving the bicycling madman happy and please as punch. I tell you what, it takes quite a bit to load a firework rocket AND light it while you are riding a bicycle…Brilliant. Check out the images below..

The Bieber doll is on sale just in time for Christmas

Whether you have Bieber Fever or can't stand him, there's no denying Justin Bieber has done pretty well for himself. Millions of dollars well for himself that is…And ladies both young and old would love to date him…And NOW you kinda can!!

Bieber has recently been awarded the most dubious of accolades, there's a sex doll that apparently looks just like him - right in time for Christmas for that lucky lady who wants to buy herself a present…

Not only is the doll selling like hotcakes, but lucky buyers get to choose the penis size too. 

How very thoughtful.

Not sure how accurate the doll will be, but with his stamp of approval you can bet it will have all the tattoo’s. Merry Xmas to YOU!!