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14th of January


                        The Waking Crew 2.0







Software cracking is on the way out...quickly. And that’s not the opinion of companies that make games, it’s from a top hacking group in China. An article popped up on TorrentFreak recently stating Chinese software cracking group 3DM put out a statement of sorts, saying that pirated games will probably become less and less available, possibly being eliminated in as little as two years. Now, bypassing modern digital rights management systems typically happens usually within days (if not hours) of any given piece of software’s release. But a relatively new player in the DRM war, an anti-tampering system called Denuvo, has hampered cracking groups with recent releases of titles such as Just Cause 3, which remain un-cracked, more than a month after release.

And the Chinese cracking group has forecast that they may never be able to crack Denuvo...that’s not really true, anything can be cracked...but they mean cracked quickly enough to make it worth while doing...e.g.  if it takes 6 months to crack a game, it’s pointless because at that point newer better games are out, so it’s probably for sale for next to nothing  you know.


Charlie Sheen says he was sober for 11 years until the day four years ago he was told he was HIV positive and then he fell off the wagon in spectacular fashion. The actor, aged 50, told TV's Dr. Mehmet Oz he had successfully mastered his addictions for more than a decade. People reported earlier this week that, when his diagnosis was made, he turned back to booze and drugs 'to suffocate the anxiety and what my life was going to become with this condition and getting so numb I didn't think about it.' Sheen told the show that 'It was the only tool I had at the time, so I believed … that would quell a lot of that angst. A lot of that fear. And it only made it worse.'


We all know, and through Aubrey and the West Coast Safety |Initiative that stats were down a little this year, and Ialthough there were a few serious incidents  over the festive season in GENERAL it seemed things were a little better and safer so to speak. So I was on FB yesterday having a look at a FB page for SAIF Namibia (Self Regulating Alcohol Industry Forum)  and they echoed the sentiments, this is what they say, the general concensus of the public was:

In reaction to the opinions of our supporters during 2015 and as a Road Safety Stakeholder, SAIF supported the KEY FOCUS AREA of the FESTIVE SEASON ROAD SAFETY CAMPAIGN, namely improved law enforcement. Feedback indicates that a visible difference has been experinced by Road Users in the following areas:

- Visibility of law enforcement officers on the roads,

- Measures to control Speed,

- Measures to control Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and

- Measures to control general driver behavior.

So, because things are tightening up in Namibia and I think the biggest shock of 2016 is going to be the case of Jandre Dippenaar because I have a feeling his case will be used as an example and the rule of thumb for the future…


Be sure to catch the Waking Crew 2.0 from 6 am tomorrow to find out, amongst other things, what Gen Y is listening to...

12th of January


               THE WAKING CREW 2.0







Many of us struggle with stress on a daily basis. We juggle work and family, and lay awake at night worrying about relationships and friends.  But, in addition to sleepless nights, chronic stress has now been found to hamper a person's ability to lose weight, but how does that happen? A recent study found that chronic stress stimulates production of a protein that reduces the body's ability to break down fat. According to a study,  'Stress causes you to accumulate more fat, or at least slows down fat metabolism. 'This is yet another reason why it's best to resolve stressful situations and to pursue a balanced life.' So, chubby, if you’re stressed out your diet’s gonna fail!


The world received sad news yesterday about the passing of one of the truly great artists of our time. It was announced yesterday morning that David Bowie has passed away after an 18 month secret battle with cancer. He celebrated his birthday on the 8th of January when e also released his latest’s called “Blackstar”...he attended the premier of the musical “Lazarus” that is based on his songs, but was rarely seen in public over the past couple of months. Bowie is regarded as one of the biggest icons of the glam rock era, with a trademark androgenous look...he was regarded as visionary and the master of re-invention, being very aware of new trends and successfully latching on the new ideas and making it work for him. Perhaps the best tribute to him? From UK radio DJ Fearne Cotton-” There will only ever be one David Bowie. A pioneer, a maverick and a visionary.” RIP David Bowie...


Congratulations to Savannah Bach who won Pastec Tune Blitz...the song was Travis-Selfish Jean


And the winner for the second week in Dad's Record Collection...Del Shannon-Runaway



In AM Fasttrack...David Bowie-Lazarus


Have a great Tuesday!



11th of January


                  The Waking Crew 2.0








Just’ve got to get straight home after work but need to shop...or you have to get the stuff for tomorrow’s braai but you can’t get to a shop...or you want a newspaper but you’re on holiday and don’t want the schlep of getting up, getting dressed and driving to a all three those scenarios, Oshapama Delivery is the way to go. It’s very register, order, and it gets delivered...a huge range of products and a number of flexible subscription packages available. This is the future of grocery shopping that is already very popular in SA and around the world, and trust me, once you’ve experienced the convenience of getting on with the important stuff while Oshapama Delivery takes care of the grind, you’ll wonder how you got by without it...check out their website at that’s


Hard-boiled eggs are one of life’s simple pleasures. But the whole stovetop method can be a drag and inaccurate...there’s an easier way,, and it involves your oven. So how do I make eggs in the oven? Just preheat to 180 Celsius, place eggs in a mini muffin tin and cook them for 30 minutes, then place them in cool water for about 10 minutes. Do they taste any different? Baked eggs will have a slightly creamier texture than boiled ones. OK, so you probably don’t want to fire up your oven for one or two eggs, but it’s perfect for bulk egg cooking...and they’ll cook to perfection consistently.


The Namibian tourism industry got another boost after the country was selected as one of this year’s hottest travel destinations by an American luxury-lifestyle magazine. The Robb Report ranked Namibia sixth on its list of the world’s 21 most popular luxury destinations for this year. Namibia was ranked among other top destinations such as the Cape winelands, Sri Lanka, Bali, the Dolomites in the Italian Alps, and Bermuda. According to Robb Report although Namibia’s austere landscape may not form the typical backdrop for an African safari, “the otherworldly terrain—bone-dry deserts, towering dunes, desolate Atlantic shores—is home to everything from big-ticket mammals to virtually unknown birds and reptiles.” With its rich cultures and adventure Namibia is fast becoming one of Africa’s hottest destinations, the article says. The article also mentions that Namibia’s reputation is upped by the variety of luxurious and fascinating lodges it offers visitors and says that its roster of first-grade and unique accommodation establishments will grow with new openings this year.


Finally, very sad news today abou the passing of David Bowie...


R.I.P. Ziggy Stardust...