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The Legend, Neil Diamond to stop touring

Neil Diamond has announced he's retiring from touring after being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.

The legendary singer, 76, has also cancelled upcoming tour dates in Australia and New Zealand.

A statement published on his website on Monday evening said: "The onset of the disease has made it difficult to travel and perform on a large scale basis but will allow Mr. Diamond to continue his writing, recording and development of new projects.

Pulling Bill Gates out of the hat for a Secret Santa is NOT what it should have been. Case in point.

So every year one Reddit user gets a secret santa donor...for lack of a better world.  The donor is none other than Bill Gates…He does it every year…and its kinda cool but also kinda mnyeh………

This cat  lady came out of THE DRAW as the winner of the annual Gates Secret Santa. Being a cat lover she got A LOT of cat stuff. About 3 vouchers valued and 250 U$D to various cat organizions…t-shirts of cats, framed cat things, like a crocheted framed thing that says to LIVE IN THE MEOUW. Yes....

She also got a stuffed Gigantic cat and some hand written on the Waking Crew are like,  ok that's nice and stuff but how about 5 million and a house….its Xmas and you’re a billionaire……We think its actually the saddest story of 2017!!!

The Golden Eagle Hunters of Mongolia

This tribe of Semi-Nomadic people from Mongolia are right up there with the hardest and most amazing.

Read the story but better yet, check the images of THE GOLDEN EAGLE HUNTERS OF MONGOLIA!!