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Trevor Noah has jokes

Trevor Noah has made us all proud as southern Africans.

He picked up an award at the MTV awards as the best show host above Jimmy Kimmel and the likes…he’s not afraid to poke fun at the president of the US, considering he’s an immigrant and theres currently an immigration issue in the US…I bet he’s gonna calm down on the Trump jokes just before he has to renew his work permit….with that said he’s poked more fun at the president this time saying: I know we said that Trump was an African dictator, but right now even Africans are watching this going 'yo, yo, yo, yo, yo'"

Trump has pulled of one of his most dangerous and unpredictable moves by firing the head of the FBI….2 other officials who were investigating him have also been sacked…Preet Bharara, Sally Yates and now James Comey: all fired while investigating Donald Trump….somebody say THUG LIFE!!