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Charles Bronson's fiancée insists she will marry her 'gentle giant' IN PRISON

Bronson popped the question to his former Coronation Street actress on Valentine's Day in a telephone call from HMP Wakefield to her home in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

Sparkler: Bronson, who has been married twice and engaged three times, is believed to have saved up for the ring he gave his fiancee

Sparkler: Bronson, who has been married twice and engaged three times, is believed to have saved up for the ring he gave his fiancee

He had a diamond cluster ring delivered before asking her 'Do you want to be my missus?'.

The 64-year-old sang 'Our Way', altering some of the lyrics, and sang: 'We've lived a crazy life and travelled in and out of darkness. But more, much more than this, we did it our way.'

Paula said she completely understands why people would question why she's marrying Britain's most notorious prisoner.

Paula said: 'Yes, Charlie's the first to admit that he's done a lot of terrifying things and I'm aware of those things.

'However, the Charlie that I know is not the same person that's committed all those offences while he's been incarcerated.

'He is that person, he's committed these offences and he's made these mistakes, but he's a different character now. He's 64-years-old and he's 14 years over the tariff he should be. He's up for parole this year anyway.'

Paula - an actress who has had small parts in Emmerdale and Coronation Street - insists the engagement is not a publicity stunt: 'No, not at all, not at all. I can [have a normal marriage with him] when he's released. We don't know yet [when that will be] - he's got a parole hearing later this year. If I was doing it for any kind of publicity reasons, I wouldn't get married to Britain's most notorious prisoner, it would make no sense.

'I can understand that they [the public] would think that [this is complete madness]. This is going to brand me now. I'm branded now. I love him.

'I've not deliberately sought him for that [publicity] reason. I wrote to him because I connected with him with a book I read that he'd written called Broadmoor. It was about his time and I found his spirit phenomenal and very inspiring.'