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This was something they could not imagine

The Jamaican cool runnings team finally qualified to make it to the Winter Olympics in South Korea made up of former track and field athletes from Jamaica.

The coach coming from another part of the world must not have relied on the fact that Jamaicans could do things a little differently than she would and it took them until the last minute to understand this.

A coach plays an important role in the mental readiness of athletes and if they are not mentally and physically ready then the results they need will simply not materialize. This is why the Jamaican Bobsled Federation has decided to distance the coach from the athletes and have her moved to the position of analyst and not coach

The former coach did not like this and quit. Even threatened to take the bobsled with her which belongs to her in fact. So the Jamaicans were in hot water in cold Korea.

That’s until Red Stripe stepped in to pledge to buy the bobsled for the team. Nice gesture and brilliant marketing for Red Stripe. Go Jamaica!

I choose safety first

It’s passion that drives us to make time for what we love and even if its something that will put our lives in danger, if you're passionate about it you will overcome and do it. Tightrope walkers perform terrifying stunts walking between two buildings on a rope and balance beam. Can you imagine their mental strength? 

Perhaps they have a death wish of sorts. I love hiking, I've been on all sorts of terrain and I have noticed one thing which I always thought I could overcome. I'm terrified of heights and I know if you had to test me I could overcome, its just that I choose to be safe which is why you wouldn’t find me climbing mountains in Pakistan. Its more than just the fear of heights at work here. Recently a French climber had to make a decision that would change her life. In order to have her rescued she had to leave her friend behind on the mountain. Can you imagine having to make that decision? She describes the Himalayan event as the 'Killer Mountain' because she was forced to abandon her weak and ailing climbing partner in order to be rescued. So I chose safety first and stay away from mountains for now.

Winter Olympic athletes to receive record number of condoms

Over in South Korea there's is a company with all smiles because as it turns out its all about timing and being at the right place at the right time. This is why the manufacturing company tasked at providing 110 000 condoms in South Korea's Olympic games village is all smiles. So its not only sports after all. With physically fit athletes and access to people from around the world, it turns out that its not only sports and medals at the Olympics and the games are becoming synonymous with sexual activity. Better safe than sorry and there I no shame in this what so ever. Although the games are set to be a showpiece of note, the organizers are also predicting the games to be the most promiscuous winter games in modern history. Perhaps they are planning such a spectacular event that it will influence people to want to get in bed with each other? So each athlete will be given a batch. Each will receive 37 condoms. That’s all kicking off next week and all 2925 athletes representing 90 nations will showcase their talents in these two weeks and I will be there following up on the progress right here from the studio.