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The Pastec Business Incubator

The Pastec Business Incubator segment is an information session for SME's to help them increase profits, make effective business decisions and improve efficiency in their operations. The weekly talk will address real business challenges faced by SME's in Namibia. 

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Is This The Best Goal Ever?

Great seeing Ronaldo in action with Real Madrid, my official team for the champions league by the way. He is a phenomenal player and I’m totally team Ronaldo because after seeing that performance against Juventus I doubt there are many who can contest that Christiano Ronaldo is the greatest of all time. Let’s look at the bicycle kick though where do you think it ranks amongst the greatest ever? He’s no stranger to scoring goals, he’s had all sorts of goals starting when he was a young man player little league. By the way have you seen the videos of him dribbling his way through the defense when he was only like six years old. He was born for this. However the way he scored this bicycle kick is what everyone talking about because even the Juventus fans gave him a standing ovation and his coach was left with his jaw on the floor. Hit me up on FB now. Leave me a comment. Where do you think his kick ranks in the best goals of all times? 


A hand Made Watches Are Still Being Built!

It’s a craft that was once considered a key skill that has been trained and skills passed down to skillful artisans. It’s the craft of watch making which

Considering the time and speed of technology you would think that this may be one of those industries that would bite the dust. Its not.

In fact it’s the watch making tools and techniques which makes these professionals stand out and there product costs so much more than the average because of this. 

True Namibian Pride Lies In Our Women!

Here’s to the Namibian business woman of the year Nangula Kauluma, whom I was honored to have met last year at the Business women of the year awards when I learnt how much she has dedicated to her many years in her career.

As the managing director of a financial institution in Namibia, Ms. Kauluma is living the Namibian dream and fulfilling the promise that, if you work hard you will receive what you have sowed. The one thing I took away from this award ceremony is that you can never underestimate passion and commitment. We don’t all start with the same opportunities and many of us have started way behind the starting line and its about the information you receive and what you will do with that information is what will later determine how far you can run.

Being around these women on this evening was like walking through and informational field of excitement, enthusiasm and knowledge flowing between leaders and drivers of change. Here’s to truly remarkable women like Serena Williams, Michelle Obama, First lady Monica Geingos, Louise Shixwameni, the deputy permanent secretary in the Ministry of Public Enterprises, Irene Simeon-Kurtz, chief executive of the Steelform Group and owner of Usakos Engen, and Esmeralda Katjaerua, a lawyer with her own practice.