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EYES ON THE PRIZE Who is nominated for an Academy Award?

EYES ON THE PRIZE Who is nominated for an Academy Award, when is the Oscars 2017 ceremony and where is it being held?.

AWARD season is now well under way, but as always, the one every has their eyes on is the highly acclaimed Academy Awards.

Nominations for the 89th Academy Awards were announced on Tuesday 24 January and the results will finally be revealed on 26 February.

But who has been nominated for this year’s show? When do we find out the winners and where does the main event take place?

Here’s everything you need to know…

Who’s been nominated for the top gongs?

Unsurprisingly, the much-talked about La La Land has an impressive FOURTEEN nominations, including Best Leading Actor and Best Leading Actress for Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

Dev Patel and Andrew Garfield lead the nominations for the Brit representation on the noms list – with the pair going head to head for their films Lion and Hacksaw Ridge in several categories.

While Amy Adams was snubbed for Best Actress for her role in Arrival, the sci-fi flick has still managed to make it to the shortlist for Best Film as well as a slew of other awards.