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The Pastec Business Incubator

The Pastec Business Incubator segment is an information session for SME's to help them increase profits, make effective business decisions and improve efficiency in their operations. The weekly talk will address real business challenges faced by SME's in Namibia. 

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Can you handle your crush working at the same company as you?

If you have a crush on someone, my rule is always that they never know about it. Its just better that way. They must keep their distance and everyone will be fine.

Whats your idea of proximity to your crush. I always believed my crush should stay as far away from me as possible and know nothing about me crushing on them what so ever because you know how it is when your crush is right there in front of you, your palms are sweaty, you say silly things and sometimes just don’t say anything at all, which Is why I say crushes should stay far back so we can observe them in all their splendour and beauty.

Here’s the thing. How would you feel if your crush, got a job in your office and start working in your company? How awkward would that be? Can you handle it? I don’t think I would like that very much because one of 2 things can happen, either you become this weird co-worker and you crash has no interest in you whatsoever or you could get along as colleagues so well that you end up in the dreaded friend zone. It won't be nice, trust me. I asked a buddy of mine and he says it would totally work if his crush was in the office but each for their own and we will all differ.

Do you have a serious phobia of something other than your ex?

I was chatting with a friend yesterday who has a phobia of spiders. Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders. It's actually the oldest and most common phobia in the Western culture. I have a fear of many things and nowhere near calling it a phobia. I don’t have a phobia of anything other than my ex-girlfriend but other than that I'm pretty smooth sailing. It got me thinking when I saw how my friend handled the situation of having to be in the vicinity of spiders.

There are actually real physiological effects on these individuals and me as someone without a phobia have no idea what its like to feel this level of fear for something that at times is very harmless. She cited hot flushes and chills, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, almost like a choking sensation when she spots a spider. On top of that she’s sweating and of course trembling so no wonder we have to take it seriously when someone says I have a real phobia of XYZ. As Africans, we tend to laugh it off because we’re from the bush so to say although not really. We’re the Switzerland of Africa remember. So do you have a serious phobia of something other than your ex?

What are you up to for Halloween?

This is when those that hate valentines day really come out to shine at Halloween parties around the world. This year I'm particularly excited because my Halloween party is going to be so crazy I'm actually spending a bit of money this time. I just hope everyone else plays ball because that’s the real problem if you have friends who like to party but don’t like to dress up, you’ll find yourself as the only one in costume. If you have celeb friends in Hollywood then you're in luck, there's not a Halloween that goes by without Heidi Klum getting completely transformed. I wonder who she will be this time around? When it comes to Halloween, things are starting to get a little wild and out of control. On this scary day of the year so many celebrities wacky sides come out. Many of them are rocking the style “go big or go home.”