Do you believe our politicians?

Category: The Headrush
Published on Thursday, 23 March 2017 22:31

Im scared. You know why?

I always used to believe what leaders would say. More and more im starting to think its all a show for us to feel safe with the words they are saying. A white House Spokesperson shouldn’t just come out and say things without the ability to back it up. Remember the innaugaration statement quote “Inauguration had largest audience ever. period”. At least he’s last name isn’t spicer for nothing…blatant lie…or is he spinning the truth?

Then the most recent is that President Obama wiretapped president Trump, where's your evidence Sean? 

We all understand spinning a statement to align it with your argument. Even Bill Clinton’s press secretary, Dee Dee Myers, did it. She said spinning is not lying, but rather "marshaling the facts in service of an argument."

And President Reagan's press secretary Larry Speakes put it, "spinning aims to minimize the damage by surrounding bad facts with context and good facts."

I have a feeling the leaders think we’re all so ignorant that we can’t see the truth…or maybe we are. Do you believe our politicians? Answer me on Radiowave Facebook page.