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Age-By-Age Guide To Children's Sex Education

There is a very controversial decision being put into place by the British Government that has gotten parents all over the world asking:  When IS my child ready for sex and relationship education?

The British Government has decided that the answer is:  four years old.  Children from the age of 4 will be taught in school about healthy relationships.  The motivation behind the decision is that current sex education in school doesn’t cover topics like sexting, online relationships, cyber bullying and revenge porn.  They feel that more must be done to help young children navigate the digital world and its dangers.  

But is your child really ready for this education at age four?  Experts believe he is.  Here is an age-by-age guide that explains age-appropriate education for each age.

(The original article appears on Today's Parent.)

Image result for sex education


Where they’re at

Many parents are surprised to find that their children are sexual beings from birth, says Tara Johnson, a sexuality education specialist with the Region of Peel Public Health in Brampton, Ont. Even infants are curious about their own bodies and will often touch their genitals in the bathtub or during diaper changes, and baby boys have regular erections. Toddlers have no sense of privacy and may masturbate quite openly.