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Is beer a better pain reliever than pain meds?

Have you ever had a headache that hurt so bad it didn't matter what you tried - it didn't go away?  

Well maybe it's because you tried pain meds instead of beer...

A study has found that drinking a few pints of beer can be more effective at reducing pain than taking actual painkillers.

In fact, two pints can cut your discomfort by a quarter.

Yes apparently, researchers found that booze can give your body a ‘small elevation of pain threshold’ by elevating your blood alcohol content to around 0.08%.

But wait there’s more, Alcohol, they say, is on a similar level to codeine in terms of pain relief!

It isn’t clear whether that’s because it lowers our anxiety levels – making us think that the pain isn’t so bad – or whether it actually affects the brain receptors. Either way, the reduction in pain felt is significant.

One thing is clear though - drinking loads of booze might help to take the pain away temporarily but it really isn’t good for you, in fact it’s horrible and it can kill you!

So please don’t take this as an okay to drown your pain with alcohol.

But if for some reason you do have a bad headache, then just know that you don’t necessarily have to cancel your post work drinks...