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Why kids exercise is important and how to not push too hard

Click here for an interview  had with Patrick de Goede from Cycletec about their new bike park where kids will be able to develop their mountain biking skills but perhaps more importantly why it is so important for children to get exercise and how as a parent you know when enough is enough and not too push too hard, or try to live vicariously through your child's achievements.

Here are 5 takeaways from the interview:

1. Childhood obesity is increasing and kids aren't as active as they once were

2. There is such a thig as too much exercise, especially for kids, but it is important to distinguish between a lazy child and one who is being pushed too hard

3. It is important to instill exercise and general fitness in kids as part of a healthy lifestyle rather than making it performance related

4. Different children respond differently but let them 'get their feet wet' and try different sports out to see if they like them, but if they really don't want to carry on (after having a frank discussion with both them and their coach/facilitator) don't force them to.

5. As a parent you need to make sure not to put undue pressure on your child - fun needs to prevail

Hermien Elago's Guidelines

  • Challenge your beliefs about yourself
  • Start making small changes, bit by bit
  • Be mindful
  • Watch how you talk to yourself
  • Love yourself
  • Be consistent

Top paying jobs

We have previously spoken about upskilling to get a (better) job, click here to listen to an interview about that topic.

Today I found this list of the 10 higest paying jobs in South Africa and assuming that many of them would be the same in Namibia thought that I would share it with you so that if you were thinking of learning a new skill maybe you might want to have a look at this list before deciding which skill to study - you never know there may be an exciting new career waiting for you.