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More CV tips and tricks

I am going to work on the assumption that you can never learn too much or have too many sources from which to draw your knowledge and wisdom and in that vein post another article about CV's, even though the last one I posted had to do with that exact topic.

So, having explained myself, here you go: 'What not to write on your CV' courtesy of The Huffington Post UK.

Some useful help when it comes to CVs.

Earlier in the year I spoke to Benjamin Ulrich from Pin-Up Jobs about how to best compile a CV and how to make sure that your CV stands out from all the rest, if you missed the interview click here to listen to it now.

Well, this morning I happened upon an article on Careers24 that promised '4 online courses to help you improve your CV writing skills (immediately)' which I felt could be of use to many of you. So, whether or not you are currently in the market for a new job, it might not be a bad idea to give the article a read and perhaps think about taking a course or two - especially seeing as two of them ar completely free of charge!

Some motivation to spend less...

Quite interestingly, shortly after having published my interview with Mr. Brand from the Financial Literacy Initiative (see below) about controlling your personal finances, drawing up a budget and trying to save money so that you can eventually move to investing it, I came upon this interesting article on bloggin portal Thought Catalogue about doing exactly that. 

Click here to read Sarah Reilly's article "7 Reasons You Should Stop Mindlessly Shopping And Start Saving".