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The Hard Drive

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16/17 June - Kalahari Encounters: Namibian Tales

Time:  8pm

Venue:  Warehouse Theatre

Tickets:  N$100 @ EventsToday & N$150 at the door

Namibian Tales will travel from Amsterdam to the Kalahari Desert, Namibia in June this year to join musical forces with four grandmothers from the Ju/'Hoansi San ('Bushmen') community! This collaboration dives into the wealth of traditions of the San people and offers an exciting musical journey for the Amsterdam-based quartet.

Namibian Tales, an acoustic quartet, was founded by percussionist Sjahin During and vocalist Shishani in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 2015. In 2016, the group received the Best World Music Production award for their debut album “Itaala” in the Netherlands. Shishani & Namibian Tales have been praised for crafting a distinct sound with their unusual instrumentation, blending Namibian inspired elements with diverse sonic influences.

The San people carry the oldest DNA in human history. They are the longest surviving indigenous population on earth and have been called “Children of the World.” Together with the Ju/'Hoansi singers from the Kalahari Desert the Namibian Tales will explore new musical territory with ancient songs, blending them with elements of contemporary urban western music. This rare musical meeting will hopefully become an inspiration to develop new ways to pass on this unique heritage of songs, rhythms and dances from the San for generations to come. The second tour will take place in Europe in the summer of 2018.



Shishani Vranckx (na/be) - vocals, guitar

Bence Huszar (hu) - cello

Debby Korfmacher (de/nl) - mbira, kora & vocals

Sjahin During (tr/nl) - percussion set


From Namibia:

Afron Nyambali (na) - bass



//Ao (na) - vocals

Seg//ae (na) - vocals

N!ae (na) - vocal

//Ao (na) - vocal

Namibian Tales are in partnership with the Museums Association of Namibia on this project, with support of UNESCO's International Fund for Cultural Diversity, the National Arts Council of Namibia, Dutch Consulate and KLM.

Tickets for this event are available on EventsToday -


And first encounter with the San - video clip