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12th of February 2016


                          The Waking Crew 2.0


Stories :

The Zica virus is the latest worldwide health scare that threatens us…and, taken with the fact that it kills the most humans every year of any animal, people always think that killing them all would be a good idea…heck, it’s not like they are the only food source for any other creatures or anything. In fact, apart from the philosophical reasons for not making another creature extinct, there aren’t really any other reasons to spare them, right? So why don’t we just kill them all? It has actually been tried before…in the 50’s and 60’s in Latin America there was a huge program to make the Egyptian mosquito extinct…and all attempts failed miserably…in fact, experts say that only a huge climactic event, like the next ice age that lowers worldwide temperatures so much that there are no areas warm enough for them to survive MIGHT, and that’s a big if, be enough to make them extinct. But only if there is massive and catastrophic change…slow change allows adaptation, and we know what that means! So no, killing all mosquitoes might be a fantasy of yours, but that it will remain.


Congratulations to Natasha for winning the gorgeous Onjala Lodge True Valentine's prize on the Waking Crew 2.0 this morning. Nicky won the yummy Lindt hamper!


The Waking Crew 2.0's special "Friday before Valentine's Day" song...


Have a great weekend and a special Valentine's Sunday...don't forget, we will be playing a special Valentine's playlist from 7 on Sunday morning!

11th of February 2016

                          The Waking Crew 2.0


Stories :

Experts say 2015 saw a record-setting 98 unprovoked shark attacks worldwide, including 30 in Florida alone. -The Florida Museum of Natural History released the numbers yesterday…scientists say the previous record was 88 attacks in 2000. But why the increase from last year? -According to International Shark Attack File curator George Burgess, are up and are expected to continue to increase as human populations grow and shark populations recover. In the 88 attacks there were 6 fatalities...two happened off the Indian Ocean island of Reunion; the others occurred off Australia, Egypt, New Caledonia and the US. Who knew that you can get killed by a shark off Egypt!


If you are into running, and even better, if you are out running at the moment-good news. The latest research indicates that running is not only good for your health, but it is also good for your brain. Running increases activity in the parts of the brain associated with learning. Aerobic exercise has also been shown to increase cell production in the hippocampus where cells are generated for the learning centres in the brain. So can you run yourself clever? Probably not, but next they are going to look at how aerobic exercise influences the efficacy of learning i.e. you may soon be told to run before you study!


In Australia, another example of evolution in motion. In only the latest of thousands of examples of animals “learning” how to become better adapted to their environment, birds in Australia have now been filmed starting bushfire, or at least spreading bushfires. No, they are not delinquent, they have learned that, by setting fire to a patch of bush, they can cause insects and small animals to break cover to escape the flames, providing them with a instant meal...yes, Alfred Hitchcock was quite right...birds are evil!


Don't forget...tomorrow is the LAST DAY to vote for the Radiowave and Queenspark Office Hottie in Uniform!


The AM Fast Track for today...


Have a crackin' Thursday!


10th of February 2016


                        The Waking Crew 2.0


Congrats to Christine and Franco with the birth of their daughter Jenna. Mother and daughter are both fine.


Stories :

Here’s hope for people sitting there thinking the need to lose some weight…and proof that it can be done, no matter how much you need to lost. A teenager dubbed the world’s largest teenager weighed 610 kilos by the time he reached ager 19 in Saudi Arabia…the then-ruler of King Fahd had personally interceded and instructed health care professionals to help him lose weight…and now, at age 24, he has lost 320 kilograms and took his first steps…awesome...and no, you can’t have that second slice of cheesecake!


There’s a new scam that has been uncovered in is called “Cash Back” informally, and if you say you want to participate, a cashier in a shop will move some items of you shopping past the scanner without the barcode being read, with the understanding that you give the cashier who gave you “freebies” will get some cash from you. It is apparently very widespread in certain areas of SA, and it has also apparently  been reported here...It will only be uncovered when you take stock, i.e. the computer says you have sold 50 of an item, but only 45 went through the tills, and then you won’t know who had stolen it anyway, so it is pretty failsafe…


Have yourself a great Wednesday, and remember, tomorrow will be your last chance to qualify for the Waking Crew 2.0's "True Valentine" competition...up for grabs, a great stay at Onjala Lodge and a Lindt chocolate hamper...