The Waking Crew

Catch Jarret and Mossie for their early morning antics: 06:00 - 09:00

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The Coffee Break

Tashia will give you that morning buzz you need, from 09:00 - 12:00

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The Hard Drive

with Deon, for your lunch time entertainment 12:00 - 15:00

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The Headrush

End your busy day with the colorful Kirsty, 15:00 - 18:00

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News Flash - Our News

Lesotho's Prime Minister Prevented From Returning

Lesotho’s Prime Minister has reportedly been prevented from returning from South Africa to Lesotho’s capital as gunfire and power cuts rekindled tensions in the city. 

Starving Ebola Patient Flees Treatment Centre

Video has emerged of Liberian Ebola Clinic workers dressed in contamination suits chasing an escaped patient through the streets after he left a treatment centre to visit a market. 

More Dual Carriageways To Be Constructed Throughout Namibia

The Roads Authority has announced that more dual carriageways will be constructed from next year onwards to reduce traffic congestion and road carnages.  


MTC unStaged

Your favourite artists, up close and personal, brought to you by MTC.

Imagine impromptu performances by the best artists in Namibia and beyond, in several public spaces, taking people completely by surprise. 


News Flash - Entertainment News

Ariana Grande to host "American Top 40"

Award-winning singer/songwriter and actress Ariana Grande willguest host American Top 40 this weekend, August 30 and 31.  In addition to counting down the Top 40 songs, Grande will talk about the making of her new album, “My Everything,” which was released on August 25 by Republic Records. 

She’ll also share what her favorite song is on the album, as well as what the album name means, who was the most fun to collaborate with, and plans for an upcoming tour.  Plus, Grande will reveal who she wants to work with in the future.​


MTV Music Video Award 2014 winners

Here's your full list of 2014 Video Music Award winners:

Video of the Year: Miley Cyrus - "Wrecking Ball"

Best Hip Hop: Drake ft. Majid Jordan - "Hold On (We're Going Home)"

Best Male: Ed Sheeran - "Sing"

Best Female: Katy Perry ft. Juicy J - "Dark Horse"

Best Pop: Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea - "Problem"

Best Rock: Lorde - "Royals"


Miley get homeless Jesse to accept her MVA

Instead of going up onstage herself, Miley had a runaway named Jesse accept her Video of The Year Video Music Award on behalf of homeless/runaway youth across the country. She sat to the side (and cried dramatically) while he read nervously from his notes. It was certainly weird and unexpected, but also sweet. Just imagine the headlines tomorrow declaring Miley to be dating a homeless guy.


Video of the Week

Week 36: Are you ready?

Food Lover's Blog - Updated every Wednesday

Coconut Corn Chowder

The original recipe on used shrimp, but I replaced it with chicken to make it more affordable and family-friendly.  It’s not sweet at all, and is a soup that can even be enjoyed in the summer.


Radiowave's Monthly Newsletter

September 2014

Whether you are a 'Summer Time' person or a 'Winter Time' person makes no difference to us, all that matters is that you are a Radiowave Person and that you don't miss out on any of the things we're getting up to, here's our monthly newsletter with all the details.​

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Charity of the month - 2014

September 2014: Namibia African Wild Dog Project

The Namibia African Wild Dog Project (NAWDP) was started in 2012 and is unique in that it brings together 3 major Organisations in the areas of conservation and research with project partners; Africat, Na‘ankuse and Namibia Nature Foundation.  It aims to secure viable and ecologically functional African wild dog populations within all major habitats of their historic range as valuable components of development in Namibia.  At present the African Wild Dog is one of the continent’s most endangered predators.  Namibia’s free-ranging population is estimated at worryingly low levels of between 300 to 600 animals, most of which occur outside protected areas.​